Sunshine and Sheep.

I hope this lovely sunny weather we are having last a little longer, it is so nice to not be wrapped up from head to toe in winter clothes. You nearly see animals and grass growing and taking in all the sun.

I had to go buy sun cream yesterday for the littlest farmer because he was getting a little sun burnt on his face. He loves being outside no matter what the weather but now he is even worse I caught him this morning putting on his wellies at 7.15 am he was still in his PJ’s at this stage . When I asked him where he was going I was told out to his tractor , he got blue shells yesterday you put sand in one and water in the other so now he really doesn’t want to come in. After going since early this morning and getting no rest all day , helping to get the ewe lambs home and playing in his sand he fell asleep in his supper this evening. Poor little man he feels he is able to do everything we are but then he just can’t last any longer so he was in bed tonight at 6.50pm .

We brought home the ewe lambs from the farm today back to the house so we can keep an eye on them before they lamb. They are due to start lambing around the 4th April , there was a few repeats so the lambing will be spaced out . I don’t mind them being spaced out lambing I just hope they all get on ok as they are young and it is their first lambing.

We brought them along the road a little from the field to the farm yard , I was left in charge of stopping the traffic till the sheep got to the gate , thank god no one came as it’s one job I don’t like doing. People always look at you strange when you ask them to wait a few minutes while the animals come along the road , nearly like we have totally ruined their day by using the road for our animals. It did bring back memories of my childhood when we walked the sheep on the roads all the time , everyone was calmer then :).

It is strange to see the two farmers now old enough to manage the sheep on their own, makes me feel a little old :).While we were waiting for the call to stop the road myself and the littlest farmer had a look at the flowers , he loves picking them for everyone .

Our St Patrick’s day lambs were also brought over to the farm today, they all spend so much time playing together especially early in the morning and late in the evening. They are really doing well with the weather at the minute because it is so nice and warm.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine 🙂

Have a happy Thursday everyone.


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