Summertime and Family.

Its official we are now in summertime , last night all our clocks went forward one hour yes we lost an hour’s sleep but today is worth it . As I sit here typing I am outside with a t – shirt on enjoying some lovely sunshine. It is such a lovely treat to have a bit of heat in the sun and today I am going to make the most of it because knowing Ireland and it’s weather this could very well be our summer . I had forgotten that lovely feeling you get right into your bones from sitting in the sun , you can nearly feel the heat soaking into your body to warm you up after the long winter :).

Myself and L went down the yard a while ago to feed our two pets and while we were down we took a little look out into the field at the other’s. They are all just like us lying flat out in their field soaking in as much of this lovely weather as they can. Animals have to enjoy days like this as much as we do ? 

Yesterday was my usually busy Saturday , full day of lesson’s followed by evening yard work. Only yesterday I got out of the evening yard work to go to a family reunion . The reunion was for my Mam’s side of the family and there was about 70 of us there. My Gran and Grandad had nine kids and would have only loved to have been there last night to see us all together . It was lovely to see everyone because most I wouldn’t have seen since I was a teenager and some I have to admit I wouldn’t have known they were even related to me . An aunt had went through old photo’s and keepsakes Gran had and placed them all in a folder for each Child my Granparent’s had . To say our section in the folder was embarrassing doesn’t even start to explain the totally cringe worthy photo’s my Gran had kept of me as a child. There is everything from giant shoulder pads , to braces ,to dresses and sunglasses really what was my Mum thinking. We are to get these photo’s over the next few weeks so if I am feeling brave I will scan some of them and show you :).

It is a shame as a family we are not a little closer to say their is such a big group of us . I hope it wont be the last reunion and that there will be more over the years. 

That’s all the news I have so am going to get a cup of coffee and a custard dougnut and enjoy some more of this beautiful sunshine .

Happy sunny Sunday everyone :).



One thought on “Summertime and Family.

  1. Enjoy the sunshine for me too! We have gotten the little reminder that winter is still lurking. Shouldn’t last long though. Then we can welcome Spring with open arms! I am heading to the mountains next weekend, so I hope it shows up then.

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