Video : First lambs of 2012 and Our Two Pet’s.

A while ago I was asked by the farmer’s to put the video I took of their tractor run up on YouTube . Now I am not great when it comes to anything technical and even still I have the odd row with my blog so you can imagine how I felt about trying YouTube:).

Eventually I gave in and put up their video I had taken after a lot of giving out to the computer it worked. I have been reading little pieces lately about video blogging and putting video’s on your blog, for farming this could be good to show where our food comes from. I can never see myself being in front of the camera but I can see myself taking more video’s for my blog.

So I decided I would give it a go and had decided I was going to use the video on my iphone to video our St Patrick’s day parade but the sheep had other idea’s. The first small group all decided they would lamb that day so no parade for us.

Yesterday while I was down feeding the pet lambs I was watching the littlest farmer playing with the two lambs and how the other’s played in the field and felt they would both be good to start with. I am going to say sorry now for my camera skills all I can say is I hope it gets better with practice :).

This video is of our two pet lambs Stella and Ken , they are both triplets and were both born on St Patrick’s day. Ken is full of energy but Stella is still a little weak.

The second one is of the other lambs that were born on St Patrick’s day they are out early in the morning and are back in at night. Some of these lambs will be going for meat and some will be kept for breeding.

I hope you enjoyed the video’s and would love to hear what you think about them and maybe using more on the blog ? :).


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