Help Us Find a Name ?

Our first group of ewe’s decided to lamb over the weekend and they were good enough to get it all done over 24 hours. We have a break now for about four weeks before our 33 ewe lambs are due to lamb, we won’t have as handy a time with them I think.
Two of our ewes had triplets one we knew about she was scanned for triplets but the other we didn’t know about she was scanned for twins, so it was a big surprise to find an extra lamb with her when we came back out to them.
We left the lambs with their Mothers for the first few hours and made sure they got lots of their mothers milk and then we took one away from each set of triplets .
The first one we took away was a ram lamb he is a half bred and we knew his mam was having triplets so he is a very good size and really hardy. The second is a ewe lamb and is a pedigree Sufflock and we didn’t know her man was having triplets so she is really tiny about the size of a small cat :). They have both settled in well to being pets but they have no names as yet . So we need some suggestions for names ?? Because if not they will be called lamb chops again :).
These pictures are not very clear but the whiter one is the Ram and the tiny black one is the ewe .

20120319-083653 PM.jpg

20120319-083708 PM.jpg

20120319-083734 PM.jpg
As they get bigger I will keep everyone updated on how they are doing . So now we need names for these two little lambs, please leave a comment with your suggestions because if not the farmers will pick silly names for them :).
Can’t wait to see what you suggest as names for our pets :).


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