Busy Busy Bulls .

Yesterday was on of those days that we had to do jobs that had been put off earlier in the week . So when I came home at lunch from the hospital run we had a quick bite to eat , put on the wellies and headed over to the farm. I should really have changed my clothes first but no I didn’t and came home covered in bull poop :).
We have fifteen Friesen bulls that are now aged between twelve and thirteen months, these are kept for the bull beef market and will head to the factory between sixteen and eighteen months old . So yesterday we had to divide them into two groups one group to stay in now full time and one group of the younger ones to go out to grass for a few months .
Now as you guys all know our farm is not the best set up for bulls and because of lack of care for so long it has just about fell down, so you can imagine how we were feeling about sorting these boys into two groups.
We decided we would run them up the nearly down crush put on the pour on that was my job , then separate them after . All were good and didn’t mess to much in the crush and I managed to get all bulls properly done with pour on . We used Closamectin as it is a wormer and does lice as well, up till now we had always used a oral dose but they are a little hardy now and I don’t fancy skint knuckles off the wall .

20120315-125812 PM.jpg
After we had them all gone through the crush we sorted them out into their groups and after a little shouting at each other about who should be standing where and not let the bulls run past you and a bit of shouting at the bulls they all went where they were suppose to.
The group that are gone out to grass will be left out now till end of July and at that stage they will come back in these are all only twelve month old now . While on grass they will get meal twice a day .

20120315-010242 PM.jpg
The group that stayed inside they will be going on adlib meal for ninety days and will then go straight to the factory. These guys are getting a little over 2kg of meal per day each given in two feeds this will increase to three feeds a day in a weeks time and then after they settle at that they will then be on adlib.

20120315-010545 PM.jpg
When their ninety days are up they will then head for the beef market .
I was a little sad but excited last year when our first six went because it was all new to us and I had given them all names . This fifteen I don’t think I will be sad to see them go but will still be a little anxious to see how they kill out . The joys of farming I guess :).
Oh if anyone has a good way to get bull poop stains out of a good jeans let me know :).


2 thoughts on “Busy Busy Bulls .

  1. Sorry, is okay now so will comment again 🙂
    We’re planning to finish some bulls early this year too – prob August or Sept. They are out at the moment but the biggest will be coming in after a while again.

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