Feeling the pressure today .

Have you ever woken up and the minute you open your eyes you are cranky ?? Well that was me this morning.
One of the first things that greeted me on the stairs was freshly washed clothes belonging to R and L and The Farmer now these are waiting to be brought up the stairs for nearly a week why can’t they bring them up the stairs ?? Does anyone else have a stairs like this that becomes home to things that should be in bedrooms ???.
I think maybe the longer hours for the last few weeks are just starting to hit now , I miss my evenings when the littlest farmer is gone to bed to do a little reading .
We have also had broken nights sleep because The Farmer gets up about three in the morning to go check the girls and he tries his best not to wake me but I hear him getting up . So as you can guess if anyone even looks at us we are ready to bite each others heads off :).
So I went up to muck out and growl and grumble away to my horses because I know they understand and they don’t answer back and mucking out is a great stress reliever I find . While I was growling away the littlest farmer and The Farmer went off on the quad to empty the dung trailer, when he came back he was minus the littlest farmer , I was just about to ask had he forgotten him when I was told to look in the trailer and this is what greeted me

20120313-015312 PM.jpg
All I could do was laugh , sure what else could I do :). When all our yard work was done I decided the only way to feel better is to bake something nice so I am as we speak trying my hand at millionaires shortbread the base is just out of the oven and caramel is next.
I know once spring lambing is over and lessons go back to normal the pressure will ease a little but the best way to cope is to try and find something to laugh at in your day :).
Tell me how you cope with your under pressure days ?


7 thoughts on “Feeling the pressure today .

    • Wow how do you make soap ? your own must be really nice and much better for you than shop stuff.I taught mine was the only house that smelt like manure on any given day it could be horse , cow or sheep manure depending on what we are at 🙂 I sometimes wonder what people think when they call to visit :).

  1. Those moments, were our kids being adorable can snap us out of a mood, are great. I usually turn up some great music. Music is so important. It can make you feel a million different ways.

    • They are great for both putting you in a mood and taking you out of one :). I normally play my music when I am driving the jeep on my own and turn up the radio really loud and sing along even though I don’t have a note in my head :). What sort of music do you like ?

      • Oh wow… I love all kinds of music. I usually listen to relatively unheard of, or folky kind of music. Stuff you can dance to. I should make you a cd. I am currently listening to Charlie Winston, Hawksley Workman, Michael Franti. I also really like Imelda May, and Adele. Too many to go through really. :o)

      • I will do just that. Imelda May is from Dublin. I heard about her while in Ireland. Looked her up on the computer when I got home, and found that she was going to be playing at a local music festival. We got to see her live, what a treat! What types of music do you listen to?

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