I Love My Job .

I am one of the lucky people who can truly say I do a job that I love and am passionate about . I love teaching and Horses so to be able to combine the two is more than I could want . I am a born and bred Farmerette but if I had to choose between my horses or farming my horses would win hands down :). On a beautiful spring day like today it is lovely to watch both horses and riders enjoy their lessons with some warm sun shining,it’s also a great way to get the littlest farmer to sleep .
Do you love your job ? Or is it your dream to work in a job you love ?

20120310-075241 PM.jpg

20120310-075409 PM.jpg

20120310-075458 PM.jpg

20120310-075619 PM.jpg

20120310-075656 PM.jpg

20120310-075708 PM.jpg

20120310-075732 PM.jpg


4 thoughts on “I Love My Job .

  1. Me too, though spent years in an office not enjoying it! It makes such a difference doing something you love and you’re pics really make me want to jump on a horse again!

    • I worked in the dept of Ag and hated every minute of it and was so delighted I took the plunge and started the riding school . It’s hard work the same as yours and the weather can be mean but on days like today you forget the bad winter days . You should go back to it 🙂 anytime you are near here you can call in.

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    • Thanks 🙂 he was our little surprise, at the time I had Sid I also had a 13yr old and a 15yr old so to go back to a little baby was a total shock but one we wouldn’t change now for diamonds and he is a total little farmer 🙂

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