My Farmerette Morning in Photo’s.

From Breakfast till lunch .

The boys waiting for their breakfast.

Getting their breakfast the littlest farmer learning how it’s done .

Off then to see the girls.

Back to the breakfast mess 🙂

Mucking out next.

Tea break time 🙂 Love Thursday’s.

The tidying after mucking out.

I gave the ponies a new salt lick today they love it :).

While we were working away the littlest farmer was playing in the sand arena.

This was my morning 🙂 

Happy International Women’s Day .


6 thoughts on “My Farmerette Morning in Photo’s.

    • It was just nice this morning 🙂 that’s the mug I live the most it has two chips on it but can’t part with it . I have a thing about mugs love unusual ones . I have your parcel all wrapped and ready for post office in morning hope you get it before st Patrick’s day :).

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