Wool,Wool,Wool and more Wool.

A few weeks ago the Country Living section of The Irish Farmers Journal did a piece on a knitting shop in Bray Co Wicklow called Love To Knit they can be found on facebook. So today was the perfect excuse to visit the shop. We had to bring my Mam to Bray to get fitted for her new wheelchair in the new civic centre in the town. We dropped her off and headed down through Bray to find the knitting shop . 

One of the littlest farmers was not pleased when I told him where we were going at 14yrs old a knitting shop with your Mam is not the place to be seen :). We found the shop just off the main street in Bray and when you walk in you are hit by the huge array of colours from really bright to more neutral colours. Then you have all the different sizes , different textures and every shade under the rainbow to choose from.

When I had my look around I picked 14 balls of pink wool and a pattern for a throw the only thing they didn’t have were very long 9mm needles and I called to two other shops as well and no one had any either but as soon as I find some I will get started when I will get it done I don,t know :).

We headed back to the civic centre to wait for Granny and while we waited we had some lunch in the Betelnut Cafe in the centre the food was lovely and so were the staff. We headed home and on the way I got a call from The Farmer to collect milk powder and white lime . The farm is never very far away.

Back home now I have my breads made and a coffee cake to have later because I have an evening off from lessons and our heating was fixed today. 

Coffee cake in the making.

Flour bread and brown soda with seeds ready for the oven.

What plans do you have for this Wednesday evening ? Do any of them include cake , peace and quiet and a good book ? That’s my plan :).

Enjoy your evening.


5 thoughts on “Wool,Wool,Wool and more Wool.

    • It was like heaven so many types and colours of wool. I am a total beginner in knitting , I tried a scarf a month ago and my Mam got fed up watching me so she finished it 😦 this time I will be keeping it away from her. They had loads and loads of crochet wool as well :).

  1. I an Irish wool question for you. I was at a farmers mtg here in Illinois last night and the sheep farmers were complaining that wool prices were horribly low in the Midwest. In fact it cost them $4 to have one sheep sheared and they only got $3 in return for all the wool from that same sheep. how does that compare to shearing and wool prices in Ireland?

    • Hi Donna it was the same here up till two years ago when there started to be a bigger demand for wool in Europe for house insulation so the prices rose . It cost us €2.00 per sheep for shearing but last year we got €8.00 per fleece when we sold the wool . So I hope the price will hold this year again . Does America export wool or is it all kept within the country ?

      • Sadly so much of the wool is being THROWN away ! Which will then eventually cause a shortage and then cause the price to elevate again. I have never heard of using sheeps wool for insulation. That is abrillant idea. I will have to do more research. I do love reading how fram life is in Ireland, For the last decade I was able to visit there, mostly CountyClare area, on an annual basis but when I left nursing to be home more there was lots less extra money so may be awhile until I can return again. Keep up the good work on your blog!

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