The Farmer and Social Media.




This is a subject that has been talked about a little on and off in our house since I started my blog back in November. Most of the discussions have been about the time it takes to blog or what might be getting over looked while I check Twitter , Facebook or  my blog for updates. 

It has been said that I am all the time with the phone in my hand or the computer on. The Farmer never really understood why people would want to share with the world what you ate for dinner or what you were doing in the house or what your kids were up to . He felt it might be a way of people painting a false picture to the world of how perfect their lives are when he is very much a realist and says whatever he has to say whether it be good are bad and it is one of his qualities I both love and hate in equal measure. He felt that if people were to be truly honest they should post all the horrible,sad ,funny , embarrassing and annoying things that make up everyone’s day to day life not only the things that make them seem great to other people.

Because he didn’t understand why people would want to write a blog , be on twitter or Facebook I understand why he couldn’t understand why I would either and yes I have to agree in the start I was checking Facebook , twitter and my blog every other minute and I was falling behind on jobs that need to be done but as time has gone on and it is not so new to me now I am not as bad.

I had never really but much thought into explaining to The Farmer about the reasons why I blog or why I read others blogs that is until yesterday. The Farmer was feeding the calves while I watched and we started talking about social media and the reasons why people blog . I explain as best I could that it is a little like having your own newspaper you write your article and place it in your newspaper and then people come to read it if they like your writing and find it of interest a bit like buying your daily paper or the Farmers Journal. Then I explained that blogs are also like papers in that some are like the tabloids and you know that they are fluffed a little while some are more honest and they cover both good and bad in their lives these I like the most :).

We talked about how a blog can show in our case where your food starts  to where it finishes and it shows people this from all over the world.We talked a little about maybe putting some video’s up on our farm blog about  what we get up to day to day but this will be a while away and The Farmer can be in front of the camera I will take the video :).

When we had finished talking about social media The farmer had a better understanding of why we do it , What can come from it and why it is nice to read other people’s newspapers. I do have to agree with him that for me my blog , twitter and facebook addiction does take up some of my time I have found that by blogging each day I don’t feel the need to check them all so often and I do understand how he wonders how people get so much done.

I don’t think The Farmer will join me on twitter or Facebook but I think you will see more of him on our blog :).

Tell me your stories of how your husbands / partners feel about your blog ? and if you have had a talk like ours to explain blogging to them.










12 thoughts on “The Farmer and Social Media.

  1. Lorna,

    That sounds very familiar, my new husband doesn’t really understand blogging at all. He did set up a facebook page but deleted it. I think he thinks I’m mad stuck in front of the laptop but I explain that I like to blog in my spare time just like some people like to watch tv. I rarely watch tv and find reading blogs more interesting than watching the soaps. I think he understands now and doesn’t mind me blogging, when I told him my blog had over 100,000 views I think he was amazed with that, wondering who would want to read it but also happy for me.None of my friends or family at home blog or know much about it. When I’m out on the farm taking photographs he thinks I’m a bit mad, wondering why would anyone want to look at random photographs of his cows! He’s fed up looking at them!

    All things nice…

    • Thank you for your comment . My farmer was the same till yesterday but it is lovely to share your days with others maybe who live in a city and only grass every so often or people who always wonder where their food and milk come from . I wonder is it more in the farming community that they find it harder to understand or is it maybe a male thing ?

  2. I think it is a wonderful way of seeing the world outside your own little area. I dream of living out of the city madness. I find your blog to be a way of being part of that. Helping me hold on to the dream that we may one day enjoy the country as well. Not to mention I have a special place in my heart for Ireland. It will always be part of me, and I get to be reminded of it here as well.
    I like blogging, cause I hope that I am able to do the same for someone else. It helps to stay in touch with family that is far away. I have included the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. Life is beautiful in all its twists and turns.
    Sometimes it is nice to know your not alone.
    I consider myself very lucky to have made some lovely friendships here in the blog world.


    • I agree with you totally , where else would I get to message someone from as far away as Canada nearly everyday to see what their life is like and to share mine with them . It is a lovely way to see other parts of the world how things are done and what people are like . It surprises me everyday that anyone would want to read what I write but I LOVE being able to share our days just like you both the good and the bad with whoever enjoys my blog and I love when I get comments .

  3. I am the loud one in our realtionship so blogging fills a need for me to be heard. Over time it became a great way to advertise our farm. Neither of us work off the farm so we rely 100% on farm income for our survival. When hubbie saw the increased business due to my increased time on my blog and FB, he started THANKING ME for the hard work, and sometimes it is hard. I rarely watch TV or shop so agin it balances out. I also blog mostly at night after my OTHER jobs of farmwork and novel writing. I also blog to stay connected to other countries like Ireland. We Americans think we’re the only people on Earth sometimes. So annoying!!

    • It is a great way to get talking to people from all over the world and some lovely people as well . I find farming can be a very lonely life even if you farm with your husband/ partner full time because sometimes they are the only person you see and it’s nice to chat to someone else . Is your farm a long way from a town ? How have you found your farm business has improved from your blog ?

  4. My husband, even after all the explaining, will never understand it. He is not against it, he just prefers face-to-face chat. There are unbreakable rules for social media in our house becuase of this which makes Tweeting virtually impossible or done-on-the-sly …
    That being said, he loves the blog and he loves that it has given me a place to put all my photos…and in fairness to him, although he does not embrace it all…he does still do all the cooking and making it look pretty for the photos.

    • I understand that it’s the same for me I try not to be on twitter when the farmer is in because he will pass a comment about always being on it . He still doesn’t understand how people who spend a lot of time in social media sites and blogging get time to do all the things they are talking about when they are blogging. He is more understanding of my blog than twitter or Facebook because it is a little about all of us and what we do everyday but he has said that if I post it should be honest and say exactly what each of us do with no fluffing as he calls it :).

  5. My darling husband thinks we’re all mad even though I’ve now started a business based on showing businesses how to blog for their business. He wonders aloud how would any farmer have time to blog or tweet. I’ll never change his mind on it so am not even going to try but we do tease each other about our blogging / non blogging standpoints. He never reads my blog which is fine so I can say what I like about him 🙂

  6. Your Farmer has the measure of quite a few tweeters and bloggers there. Into every world, some rain must fall, but not in certain people’s cases. I get tired of reading how fabulous and glamorous some are, and how everything certain folks touch, turns to gold. There is a place for everything, and my blog is my hobby to indulge my baking, writing and photographs. No glory-seeking, just that. Great post, Elaine 🙂

    • I think he has the measure of a few who blog and tweet . I always said that if I was to blog it would be whatever was going on at the time and I would tell it the same as if I was talking to close friends and then who ever likes my blog will read it and whoever doesn’t won’t. It can make you question yourself a little when you read blogs about how everything is great and rosey and how peoples lives are just win win all the time and then you look around and you are swimming in washing , dirty floors , yard work and a to do list the length of your arm and you wonder where you are going wrong. I would rather read a blog that you can relate to and say thank god I am not the only one like that . :).

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