The Littlest Farmer and Bed Time.

Since The littlest farmer was born he has always been good when it comes to sleeping , I only had sleepless night’s for the first three month’s and since then he has slept through the night . 

From the time he was very small I have always been careful about our bedtime routine I didn’t want to have a baby or toddler that I would have to stay with each night till they went to sleep so when I put him down I would say goodnight and leave and even if he cried a little I would leave him be . He is a good little man and is happy enough to soothe himself to sleep either with a book or his teddies.

One afternoon just after Christmas I was looking through the other two farmers baby books and I came across a picture of me reading a bed time story to them , I had forgotten about this with the littlest man ,  you would think with my Montessori training it would have come to me .

So one day while I was in Eason’s I picked up a book of stories one for each day of the year they are all short Disney stories and only take about five minutes to read just short enough to keep the littlest farmers attention , but only after two month’s of stories.

He loves book’s looking at them and telling everyone else about them but I had never made him sit down and listen to a story so as you can imagine when we started he spent most of the time jumping around on the bed and trying to get me to play. It is only in the last week he is coming over sitting down on the bed beside me and listening to the story.

I have to admit it’s a kick in the butt I need for not thinking of this sooner as part of our bedtime routine it will help him to develop his speech which is slow and help him to sit still and listen . A bedtime story is a lovely quiet time of the day to spend with your little person and I hope it will give him a love of books that will stay with him till he is an adult.

This is our bedtime book it has all the Disney character’s from Mickey Mouse to Beauty and the Beast to Cars.

Tell me about your favourite bedtime routine with your kids ? and what your bedtime book is at the minute ? the littlest farmer might like to have a read of them to.

Happy bedtime 🙂




One thought on “The Littlest Farmer and Bed Time.

  1. How wonderful to have such a cooperative young one. Mine have given be a bit of hassle from time to time. We have always enjoyed a book at bedtime though. Now they are old enough to read one their own, they like to have some quiet time on their own. We used to read chapter books like The Magic Treehouse, or Geronimo Stilton.
    I got your message…not sure what is up with my comment section on the blog. I will look into it. I’ll message you back tonight, been out all day today.

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