Blogging on the go , I hope it works .

If you are reading this well it has worked I managed to do a post from my phone :). I said at the start of the week that on one of my hospital trips I would try this but chickened out on Wednesday so here I am in the car park of Beaumont hospital with the littlest farmer for company and the new Marie Claire magazine my monthly fix . So today I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try .
I have WordPress for my iPhone but have only ever used the app to check my stats or read some comments rather than turning on my computer . Checking your stats can become a little bit of an obsession :).
When you go to write your post it comes up a little like an email , you put in your heading then your tags and then you can tick what categories you want to use .
Writing the post is very like writing a message or anything else on the phone and like everything on this phone I think my fingers are two fat because I always hit more letters than I need :).
If it works ok for me then I think I would use it again if I was travelling or on the farm and saw or found something interesting to tell you all. I have been looking but can’t find a way to add a photo to my post as of yet but I am sure it is somewhere .
Do other blog hosts have apps for your phone or is WordPress the only one ? If you have it how do you use it ? And when would you use it ?
I have my fingers and toes crossed when I hit done that it will go the right direction and not vanished into space never to be seen again 🙂
Have a good Friday everyone .

20120302-090009 AM.jpg
I found where to add a photo , my company this morning while we wait for Grandad.


6 thoughts on “Blogging on the go , I hope it works .

  1. I love your blog, I am a farmers kid and no longer live on the farm. It is nice to get reminders of how magical a place they are.

    Beir Bua

  2. Yay, it worked! I have never tried blogging from my phone. Causes me anxiety just thinking about it really. Hope your having a great Friday! We are off to the zoo.

    • That was why I chickened out on wednesday 🙂 but it was very very easy from the phone maybe even easier than the computer because your phone is on all the time. Have a great day at the zoo kids love the zoo.

  3. I write most of my blogs on my iPod now. We drove across the US and back, and I was able to blog the whole way. I also write as I walk around the house, sit in coffee shops (a Canadian obsession) and in waiting rooms. There’s always time to blog…

    • I was nervous about using my phone because I am not great with technology :). I would and will use it again . I had never taught about using while I would be around the house it is much easier than turning on the computer.

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