The First Arrivals of 2012 .

Yesterday our first arrivals of bull calves for this year came to the yard they are between two and three weeks old at the minute . We are hoping to get ten more in a few weeks time . We will keep them till they are between 16 and 18 months old and then they will be sold to the factory for bull beef. We also made sure the calves this year are BVD free and have lovely green tags in their ears.

I was away yesterday with my Mam for one of her visits to hospital so I was greeted with the news that they were arriving and that we would be back feeding them morning and evening along with all the other bits . The Farmer reckons that as a woman I am just better at feeding the calves it’s a mother thing I was told 🙂 I think he just doesn’t want to have to clean up after feeding them.

I had lots of help feeding last night and again this morning as you will see from the pictures and after we were done outside the littlest farmer helped make peppa pig buns as a treat . 

Just after arriving two were camera shy.

The Littlest farmer helping mix their milk last night.

All tails wagging happy feeders.

Saying good morning to each other . 

Feed me more please ???

The boys and their BVD round green tags :).

Making his bun’s.


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