Our Competition.

Today was D day for all of us the day we had been training for for the last eight weeks for twice a week . We had our show jumping and Dressage competition :). Now when I say competition I mean friendly competition between a group of us who all get our lessons together and yes even though I teach horse riding I need lessons to stop me getting bad habits.

We started off jumping a course of jumps one handed as we are all different levels of riding ability so we had to change it a bit so everyone would have a fair chance so we taught one handed you be a good way to do that . This part was the most fun their was a lot of cheering and laughing at ourselves and each other as we tried to get around our course.

The next part was the serious bit the Dressage we were given a test to learn with 16 different movements to be preformed at different places around the arena and there was no talking at all while this was going on as we were up till just before the test still trying to learn some of it off . We are not the best pupils at learning off our homework but we all got on really well.

When we were done we all had to wait for the judges to work out all our scores and decide in which place we all came . I was placed fourth which I was delighted with as I had my eye on that rossette from the start it is a lovely light green colour. So now that we are all happy and everyone is gone home I am here making dinner for the farmers before I go get ready and go out for dinner with all the women who rode today so we can spend the night talking horses and having a good laugh. Times like this I really really love the work I do :).



6 thoughts on “Our Competition.

  1. Congrats! That is a beautiful green. Sounds like a fun night out as well. I have a group of dinner ladies here, we like to try out different places to eat in town. Most of all I love the fabulous company.

    • Thanks it was such fun yesterday we fell around laughing at each other when we were jumping we even had the judge laughing and they are normally very serious :). was delighted I got the green rosette I had my eye on it all along :). We try to go out for dinner one night a month and it is lovely because when I am surrounded by boys all the time it is nice for a girlie chat and gossip. We like to try different places here to eat as well must be a girl thing πŸ™‚

  2. Your post just reminded me of my old horseriding days that I used to love so much and miss. I was brought up with horses, owning various mounts throughout childhood and teenage years, but that love turned to motorbikes as a grew older. When we arrived in Ireland I took up horse riding again, visiting a local school and mostly (re) learning jumping – in and outdoors. Such fun! I gave up again when I was pregnant and have yet to return. I think once it’s in your blood it’s always there, whether full time or to be picked up and done every now and again. Thanks for sharing your day and congratulations on your 4th! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Dee it is an addiction horses just get under your skin πŸ™‚ . you should give it a go again and when you did so much when you were younger it would come back to you after one go . It was such fun yesterday and such a good laugh and then dinner last night with all the women was lovely . If you are ever in the area call in and you can have a go on one of my horses πŸ™‚

  3. How fun! I’ve owned horses all my life (since I bought my fist pony for $25 without telling my folks!) Thsi last year our farm has been crazy and I have hardly ridden my horses at all but your post has motivated me. What stable do you ride at?

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