Scanning and Injections.

Last week we got all our ewe lambs scanned to see how many lambs they were each going to have . This is important to know so that you can give the ewes enough hard feed so that you have correct growth and good milk production. It is also important to know how many lambs each ewe is having because if one is having triplets they will need more hard feed than a ewe having just the one.

I missed out on seeing them getting scanned as I was sent on the school run and while I was gone the scanning person was there and they were all finished by the time I got back. I was there for  getting them in and it was the first time the littlest farmer was let loose in the field to help.

The scanning itself is  very like the scan you get during pregnancy . The ewes are ran up in a shoot and as each one comes past the person scanning they are held in place and scanned then marked with a spray marker showing how many lambs each one is carrying.

We were delighted with our little ewe lambs because only four are not in lamb :). I am really delighted to find out Lamb Chops is going to have one lamb, our little pet is going to be a Mum.We were a little worried she didn’t go in lamb because she repeated when the boys were in with them.

Today we had to get the ewes in and give them an injection of Heptavac P and I got the job of the injecting , I hate needles so when I have to inject sheep  , bulls or my horses I always feel a little sorry for them. I hate the feeling when you stick the needle in but I do know they need to have this injection to keep them healthy and disease free . I will have to inject all the lambs as well once they reach three weeks to protect them as well then and I really hate having to inject them because they are just so small. 



One thought on “Scanning and Injections.

  1. The endless circle of life on the farm. But it has to be done. I don’t envy you having to give the injections. At least there will be lots of lambs arriving, but, having said that, lots of long days and nights to come too.

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