Vintage Tractor Run.

On Sunday the farmers went on a vintage tractor run in aid of North Wexford Hospice Homecare they went in our tractor . Robert got his tractor licence in july because he was 16yrs and he did two tractor runs last year with his Grandads Ferguson TE20 and loved them . There is a lot of vintage runs all during the year and everything turns up from cars to lorries to all makes of tractors.

For this run the boys brought our John Deere 3050 which was a good choice because it has a cab and sunday was a whole wet day. They spent most of Saturday cleaning the tractor , polishing the windows and making sure she was ready to go , I wish their rooms got as much attention :).

Robert and Liam set off Sunday morning in the cleanest farm tractor ever seen and spend the rest of the day driving around Craanford , Gorey and Camolin with all the rest of the tractors which turned up . Two friends of the boys from school were also there with their tractors.

Our John Deere , Brian’s Ford 4000 and Cormac ‘ s Ford 8340 all posing for the photo 🙂 .

The boys had a great day and I am sure can’t wait for the next run .


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