Bloggers Book Club Review : How To Be a Woman.

How To Be a Woman was our book club choice for January and I couldn’t wait to start it . I was given a kindle for Christmas so was delighted to be able to get this on it .

How To Be a Woman I found to be very funny at times when I laughed out loud and said to myself I know what Caitlin is talking about , I remember thinking that , I did try that or god I wish I had done that. It is easy to read but I think it is aimed at the 35yr olds or younger as I made the mistake of giving my book copy to my Mum who is just 60yrs old  to read the same time as I was reading it and her only word to describe the whole book was ” Rough ” and if I had known what was going to be in it I would not have given it to her to read :).

In How To Be a Woman Caitlin covers everything from her first period which I am sure everyone remembers , body hair  , names for her breasts and vagina , whether or not she is a feminist , Bra’s , her weight , lap dancing , falling in love , getting married , fashion , why you should and shouldn’t have children , role models and abortion. In that list I have done , seen, taught about or experienced all except marriage , abortion and wondering whether I am a feminist and that’s why I enjoyed this book . One part that sticks in my mind and made me smile when I read it is the lovely feeling you get when you take off a bra that is not comfy 🙂 I remember when I was young wondering what name I could call my breasts or asking a friend what name she had for her vagina , I have been to a lap dancing club and all I can say it’s very easy to get lots of money from men 🙂 , I have had three kids and can relate with why you should and shouldn’t have them and I remember having my room full of posters and looking up to cooler people . 

I would recommend this book to anyone who can relate to all the things above. It is rough as my Mam put it in places and Caitlin does not hold back . At the start it drags a little and there is places when it goes on a little about feminism .  but Caitlin does cover some serious topics as well like how having pornography to freely available can have a negative effect on how women are viewed ,  she talks about weight issues and how they effect us  and about abortion and how it effected her which couldn’t have been easy . 

I liked this book because it doesn’t hold back there is no pussy footing around subjects or choice of words Caitlin lets us in on her life warts and all. She is not worried how people will react and I like that it’s nice for someone to be that direct she is as open about subjects like periods , vaginas and body hair as I would be with my close girlfriends. How To Be a Woman took me less than two weeks to read which is really good for me and I have given my book version which I had no trouble getting back from my Mam 🙂 to one of my close friends who I know will get a laugh out of some of it as well. If you brave it I hope you enjoy :).


4 thoughts on “Bloggers Book Club Review : How To Be a Woman.

  1. Hi Elaine, love your description re ‘warts and all’ and I guess you are right – it was the longevity of her discussion of the warts and all that I found wearing. Would love it in a short column but too much for me in a book. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. I went looking for this book at my local library……not there. So sad. It looks like I am not able to find it in Canada. Sounds like an interesting read and something I may want to read. Here’s hoping that I can find it here soon. Thanks for the write up, it may neve have crossed my path otherwise.

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