Seal Release.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that Santa came to everyone . He arrived at our house and left all the Farmers very happy :). 

Today was the first day since Christmas eve that we were back to full work we had being doing the usual feeding and checking sheep but we were back to full yard work today .Being back to work was kind of nice as much as it is lovely to get time to read and rest it’s also nice to be out in some fresh air.

This afternoon myself and two of the Farmers went to see seals that were released today by the Irish Seal Sanctuary on our local beach.The seal sanctuary started in 1986 they rescue and rehabilitate mostly marine animals . They get about 2000 calls a year and have rehabilitated 800 seals so far.

When we arrived down to the beach the seals had already been released but they could still be seen swimming around getting used to their new home.

The two Farmers enjoying their afternoon on the beach.

The littlest Farmer had to wear his new yellow JCB digger wellies :). These sea birds were on the beach today. Does anyone know what they are ? I don’t and would like to know.

When we were finished watching the seals swimming around and all the birds we were heading up the hill from the beach and when we looked back out over the sea their was a lovely rainbow to welcome our new seals :).


3 thoughts on “Seal Release.

  1. I think the birds might be Guile Mots. When there in the water they tend to look like penguins ! The blog is fantastic. Really enjoyable, Im a huge fan. Keep up the great work 😀

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