Book Review : Bloggers Boot Camp.

As you guys know I am a complete beginner when it comes to both blogging and twitter. I am now a total addict and can not be away from either my little laptop or my Iphone which up until the Women and Agriculture Conference in October I was thinking of changing because I didn’t seem to be getting enough use from it but that has totally changed :).

Enough about the gadgets when I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own blog I wanted to make sure I half knew what I was doing ( to be honest I still don’t really know ) and that I didn’t make to many mistakes or rub to many people up the wrong way so I hit Amazon and Easons for books for new bloggers .

The first one I came across was this one from Easons Bloggers Boot Camp it is written by Charlie White and John Biggs they are both American and both have very successful blogs . Bloggers Boot Camp helps you build , write and run a successful blog . It covers everything from what is blogging ? , How to improve your writting , where to start , freedom of speech , building traffic to your blog , promoting your blog and one hundred other topics as well .

I would say I found over half the book to have answered most of the questions I had about blogging but some of the book just didn’t fit me just yet . There was parts about making money and hiring people to work for you .  They also cover reviewing products for people and companies . None of which I have taught about or I have not been offered any products to review.

I would recommend this as a starting book for anyone either like me who is a total beginner or even for someone who has been blogging for years as it covers so much stuff. I am passing on my copy in the morning but when it comes back to me if anyone else would like a loan and doesn’t mind pink highlighter 🙂 leave me a comment and you can have it next .


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