How did I get into this ?

On Wednesday we had a few jobs to be done on the farm so when Paul came in for his lunch we went through our usual plan for the afternoon and on Wednesday we had to put a pour – on on the bulls and the sheep needed a pedicure. when lunch was over I had the usual loading on the jeep of the buggy , coats , wet gear and dry clothes for the little farmer . Paul went on the tractor because we had to bring back some hayledge bales to the horses. All this seemed ok to me that all changed when we reached the farm.

First of all let me explain we have one machine that has a loader and its not the tractor , the bales are stacked three high and on Wednesday the machine with the loader was in the horse yard. When I asked Paul how we were going to get the bales from the top of the stack down to the trailer I didn’t get an answer I should have guessed what was coming :).

At least the boys were good they walked in out of the field and up into the crush with no great trouble. When we had the crush full I gave them each their pour – on and made sure no one was missed. Its hard sometimes to keep an eye as they move a little but the pour – on was blue so I couldn’t miss any .  We moved the bulls closer to the yard a week ago so they have the option to come in and lie on straw if they want or they can stay out. They are spoilt rotten. Next we went to get the girls for their pedicure I knew they would be good because they are used to coming in and I was right in they walked. Now I will have to explain why the farm looks so unloved .  Nothing has been done with the farm since before I left home which is now 17 years ago . No sheds painted , no gates hung , no fencing done , roofs left to fall off sheds , walls on sheds let fall in and no weeds sprayed or grassland management till we started farming it in April and it is very slowly starting to change .  When I was a child this house the sheep are in had all its walls ,a roof and a gate that closed. It is now just down as you can see just three walls left :(.Ok after all the stock was done then the fun started remember I said I got no answer to my question of” how are we going to get the bales down ?” well I found out why . First I was expected to climb up to the top of the stack of bales , I am no good on heights standing on a chair in the kitchen and I start to wobble 🙂 but up I climbed and it was neither fast nor lady like . Then I was told we were going to push the bales down and onto the trailer I was beginning to think Paul had lost the plot but we did it all three Hayledge bales .  We gave out to the bales , we gave out to each other , we sweated , got mucky, I wondered how I got into this and laughed at how when you start from scratch with nothing you have to do the maddest of things. When we were done we looked across at the littlest farmer in his buggy and we both decided that at least if we get all the hardship now the next three farmers might get it a little easier :).  

I am asking Santa to bring me a second tractor with a loader for Christmas :).


2 thoughts on “How did I get into this ?

  1. Those bales are heavy to be trying to be move them!
    Know what you mean re roofs falling off – we repaired some this year – looks like you have some nice stone walls on that shed though 🙂

    • Sure Lorna I taught Paul was having a laugh because he knows I am so bad on heights but no he was serious 🙂 what made it worse was they were wet and I have the worst wellies in the world so I kept slipping . The older sheds in the yard were all built with stones from the local beach but none of the have roofs anymore its a shame but we will get around to it eventually :).

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