Unusual Day Away.

Since the RDS Dublin Horse Show I had been planning this day off we had been given the flyer at the show and I decided we would go . Now as anyone with animals in their care will know a day off is unusual but a day off and a day away from the yard is a real treat and the whole family together as well :).

Two days before our day trip I had been keeping an eye on facebook and came across comments about the show we were to go to and none of them were good so much so I was nearly going to cancel our day but was talking to someone who had been and they had a good report so we went ahead . 

We all got up early and fed and counted all stock and then loaded all into the jeep and off we headed to the RDS Toy Show this was our first stop of the day. The two older lads didn’t think it was a great idea to go but when I told them it was for the littlest farmer and that it’s a day out as a family they agreed. One of the complaints I saw on Facebook was that you had to park a long way from the entrance , we parked in Simmonscourt and then had to walk around to the front of the RDS now this is not a long walk and it was a lovely day. 

In through the main entrance and all we could see were toys , lots of people , loud music and lights .  At the start the little farmer found it all a bit much but when we showed him the toys he could play with he soon loved it . I don’t know if I would go again next year as there is more toys to see and try in most good toy shops and it wasn’t a place for older kids but for us it was about our day out together as a family .   After the Toy Show we headed for our next stop of the day but not before all the farmers had some honest to god dinner’s which we got in the Beehive Pub then we travelled cross country to Macreddin village where Wild and Slow was taking place I couldn’t wait to see all the foods while the farmers all taught it was a little strange. Wild and Slow is a food festival celebrating everything that is good about Irish food including wild food. The little farmer loved the hens at Mecreddin he likes chasing our hens so he saw no reason he couldn’t chase these.     

When we headed home we all agreed we all had a lovely day even if what we went to didn’t suit everyone in the family we had a day off and out of the yard. When we got home it was out of the good clothes and back to working clothes and my wellies but I wouldn’t change that part of our family life either :).


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