The first of many :).

This is it no turning back now . Am i nervous ? Yes . Am I excited ? Yes . Am I curious what people will think ? Yes . Will I give up if people don’t like my posts ? No . Someone told me a few days ago to ” write from my gut and to write for myself ” so that is what i will do. I am new to blogging so am going to say sorry in advance for any and all spelling and grammer mistakes i make and sorry to anyone i might rub up the wrong way with my posts I don’t mean to and I am sure i will get better at this with time .
What is my reason for starting a Blog ? And why start one now ? ……. I recently attended the Women in Agriculture conference in Kilkenny and while i was there it hit me that there are lots of women out there just like me who maybe feel the same way about day to day life as i do. I had fallen into a routine of yard work , house work and the kids and felt no one else was the same but at the conference i saw that there are hundreds just like me. If I had known as much then as i do now about Blogs i wouldnt have felt as alone.
I am starting one now because I have just started farming my home farm as both my parents are sick and i care for both of them so i hope my posts on day to day life warts and all , good and bad will maybe help someone else who feels as alone in the world of Agriculture as i did to see that they are not alone.
I hope you enjoy the future posts , all the good , bad ,funny and totally mad things that happen everday on the farm . I promise i wont hold anything back :).


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